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Featured Product: Microfiber Dust Mop

A simple, yet extremely effective commercial microfiber mop. This mop is unlike anything in the industry with its effective way of spot mopping and wet mopping larger areas in one pass.  It is a multi purpose mop that offers cleanliness and sanitizing.  While a standard mop tends to be one the most trouble causing tool for a custodian, this wet mop, has a liquid filled handle, with a honeycomb plastic frame, unlike metal dust mop frames that tend to break apart.  The unique honeycomb frame allows the mop to fully push the mop flat onto the floor.  The microfiber mop is not only a highly absorbent mop, but it is also easily washable.  The flexible grip handle makes for ease of maneuverability for those areas that can normally be hard to reach.  The mop absorbs two times its weight.  The entire kit is assembled in the USA.

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