26″ RIDER AUTOMATIC SCRUBBER NOBLES RIDER AUTO SCURBBERS. Clean tight spaces and narrow aisles thanks to the Speed Scrub’s compact design and exceptional maneuverability. This versatile micro-rider moves through doorways and onto elevators easily. It’s ideal for scrubbing a variety of floor surfaces in high-traffic environments such as schools and campuses, healthcare facilities, retail stores, hotels, convention centers and airports.
-Brush Size (2 disc): 13 inch
-Solution Tank: 29 gallon
-Recovery Tank: 29 gallon
-Standard Batteries (24 volt): 235 ah (3.0 hours)
-Optional Heavy Duty Batteries (24 volt): 335 ah (4.5 hours)
-Warranty: 3 years/1500 hrs on parts and labor (excluding batteries). 10 years on rotaionally-molded polyethylene tanks.

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