MATS, 3′ X 5′ HAPPY FEET TEXTURE-TOP Happy Feet mats feature a dense rubber cushion encapsulated within solid, Nitrile Rubber to protect against deterioration and contamination. This construction makes Happy Feet mats highly resistant to chemicals, animal fats and petroleium products. Happy Feet mats are also heel-resistant, so wear whatever shoes you like.

Happy Feet mats are static dissipative and safe for use in computer rooms and electrical part manfacturers.

Low profile and beveled borders for added safety.

Rubber borders will not curl up and break off.

OSHA approved striped borders available.

Texture-top surface for dry to damp work stations where traction is not critical. Easy-to-clean surface.

Border colors:
2)Safety Green
3)Caution Yellow
4)Warning Orange
5)Danger Red

Weight25.000000 oz

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