Tough Towels are the most advanced paint adhesive, sealant, grease and grime destroying shop wipes on the market today. They remove all types of inks, paints, acrylics, lacquers and enamels, as well as stains, varnishes, polyurethane sealers, Tung oil and other refinishing materials. Tough Towels are more effective at removing difficult soils, and they do the job more quickly and easily than the competition. Because Tough Towels are used without water, we employ the most skin-friendly solvent available. Convenient for waterless work sites and field locations. Tough Towels make easy work of epoxies, industrial adhesives and all types of caulks and sealants. They also remove tar, inks and graphite. Tough Towels provide twice as many clean-ups as other products of its type…at a comparable cost-per-tube. Disposable, toughest cleansing action built in added conditioners leave the skin moisturized. 150 towels per tub

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