METERED AEROSOL, SWEET PEA, 6.25 OZ NET, 12/CASE Naturally better smelling fragrances: Fusing the science of metered aerosols, natural oils and superior fragrances so our fragrances simply smell better without a harsh chemical overtone.
Eliminates odors: A patented odor neutralizer, OrdenoneTM encapsulates malodor molecules and eliminates odors at the source.
Eliminates odors: Using the very best science has to offer we blended Fusion with a patented odor neutralizer, OdernoneTM that encapsulates malodor molecules and elimates odors at the source.
Smells stronger/longer – Fusion’s smaller particle size will float in the air longer so you smell it longer.
No messy build up on the surfaces – Our drier formula results in fragrance in the air, not on your floors and surrounding surfaces.
3,200 sprays – lasts for 30 days and can deodorize a room up to 6,000 cubic feet.
VOC Compliant – Available in all 50 states with no ozone depleting ingredients. 24-Hour Odor Control. Works even when you don’t.

Weight0.670000 oz

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