PC-30F M-KYL DISINFECTANT One-Step Disinfectant Cleaner, Sanitizer, Fungicide, Mildewstat, Virucide and deodorizer. For home, restaurants, hospitals, institutional and industrial use. Deliversnon acid disinfectant and cleaning performance in an economical concentrate. PC-30F deodorizes by killing microorganisms that cause offensive odors.

PC-30F is an effective sanitizer for use on pre-cleaned food contact sufaces at 300-400 ppm in waters up to 500 ppm hardness in 60 seconds. Effective for use on pre school tabletops, toys, eating areas. PC-30F is a great sanitizer for multi-purpose room tabletops and on all eating areas.

This product is safe to use as a santizer in kitchen food preperation areas.

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