SUPER SHINE GREEN (5 gallon pail) SUPER SHINE GREEN is a part of the PIONEER effort to build products with more environmentally preferred materials. These products are formulated to achieve a high level of cleaning performance while providing a significant benefit to people and the environment.
SUPER SHINE GREEN is a neutral pH product designed to dry without streaking. No rinsing is necessary. This cleaner can be used on all types of flooring not harmed by water. Use on waxed floors without concern for dulling the finish. Deodorizes as it cleans with a fresh scent. Manufactured with viscosity control, not gummy or thin and watery, but with the proper consistency to go to work instantly. Its balanced suds level produces just the proper amount of bubbles to emuslify the soil completely; free-rinsing, leaves no dirt catching residue on the surface. Excellent for cleaning all types of floors, walls, venetian blinds, painted surfaces, busses, cars, anywhere that cleaning is needed. Unsurpassed in cleaning windows – quickly removes all soil and smog, leaves the glass sparkling. Great for when used in auto-scubbers for cleaning gym floors, multi-purpose rooms and hallways. SUPER SHINE GREEN solution does not strip wax. It removes all soil and dirt from floor surfaces and preserves their rich waxed beauty. Spread solution on floor, allow several minutes for chemical action to emulsify all soil, then pick up with a wet vacuum or mop; no rinsing is necessary only when floors are extremely dirty. (For use with Pioneer Proportioning System.)

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