PUTTY KNIFE, 6 IN 1 TOOL, PUTTY KNIVES 6 In 1 Tool with Nail Driver in our 99 Line – Ergonomic Soft Grip – Professional Quality. Handle: Oversized cushioned rubber grip, absorbs shock and minimizes hand fatigue. Cast iron, nickel-plated Nail Driver end on entire line. TPE non-absorbent; resists water, paint thinners & solvents – practically indestructible. Blade: Hardened and tempered high carbon spring steel. Precision ground working edges. Polished to a mirror finish & clear coated to inhibit rust. Full tang construction for maximum strength and durability.

Additional Information:
Tool Use 1: Loosen Old Putty
Tool Use 2: Scraping Paint
Tool Use 3: Clean Out Cracks
Tool Use 4: Fill Cracks, Dents, Holes
Tool Use 5: Clean Paint Rollers
Trade Name: Nail Driver

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