TYPHOON WET/DRY VACUUM, 16 GALLON, PUMP OUT Reduce the number of empty/fill cycles with a 16 gallon/60 liter tank.
Prevent damage to the machine and your facility with a compact, rugged body made of durable polyethylene, backed by a 10-year
This unit has a pump out feature, which pulls at a high rate and allows for easy emptying into taller sinks.
Picture shown with optional front mounted squeegee accessory.
Optional tools and squeegees are available.
Vacuum Airflow: 112 cfm
Vacuum Waterlift: 107 inches
Vacuum Motor Amps: 10.7 Amps
Vacuum Motor Horsepower: 1.6 hp
Vacuum Motor Stages: 2 stage
Vacuum Motor Voltage: 120 Volt
Recovery System Filters: cloth bag/paper bag/intake filter
Recovery Tank wet capacity: 16 gallons
Vacuum Hose: 10 feet
50 foot power cord, electric

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